Valeo Update

Finally, I managed to develop a version of the Valeo game mechanics that uses almost standard dice (of the Liar’s Dice kind) rather than those with Roman numerals. The main reason for the change was that several publishers had asked me “to dumb the game down”.

I think with this new version I achieved both a more accessible game (no need to know how Roman numbers are built) and a game that is equally challenging as the previous version.


Game Information

2 to 5 players age 10+

Playing time: 30 mins.

Main Theme

Valeo is an abstract tactical dice game. The combination of a small gameboard together with the need to build majorities creates a new game experience.

Game Idea

Players roll their dice and place one die on a gameboard adjacend to already placed dice. Each newly placed die must form an ascending or descending line of numbers with all adjacend dice. Once all players have placed all their dice, the dice are evaluated for majorities of a single player. The player holding the majority is awarded victory points equal to the number of points on each die.

Players are constantly in a dilemma established by the limitations of dice placement and the necessity to create majorities of dice. On the one hand the gameboard creates topological challenges due to its restrictions and on the other hand the possibilities of a valid die placement are limited by the dice already placed. Since the dice are rolled frequently, Valeo creates a excellent mix between chance and expertise.

Game Mechanics

Dice Rolling, Set Collection

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