Game Information

2 to 4 players age 12+

Playing time: 75 mins.

Main Theme

Frisia in the 14th century. The “free frisians” have organized themselves into communities with each member having equal rights. Public offices are, however, in the hands of large and wealthy families that form the ruling class called “nobiles”. At the same time, the Frisian chieftains developeded and the title “hovetling” (chief) became common usage. But soon famines, lack of trade relations, pestilence and storm surges became a threat to public order.

Game Idea

In this tactical boardgame 2 to 4 players jointly tackle the looming danger and at the same time try to persist in the political power struggle in order to raise the reputation of their family. But a player’s ressources are hardly sufficient to deal with challenges on their own. When and where will the other players contribute? Is it better to pursue a political career early, risking to be chased from office in disgrace? Are you wealthy enough to get involved in politics at all? And when is the right time to become chief?

The player, who correctly assesses the plans of their teammates and who gains political influence at the right time, will acquire the highest reputation and win the game.

Game Mechanics

Worker Placement, Set Collection, Bidding

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